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Adjustable Shotgun Comb in Brandon, VT

Ensure that your shotgun has the right fit for you and your body! While most shotgun shooters today try to fit themselves to their gun, there is a simpler (and more beneficial) way — fit the gun to the shooter. Our fully adjustable shotgun comb allows you to fit your stock correctly, preventing you from experiencing unwanted recoil to the face or having to hold your head at uncomfortable angles. Contact us today and discover why all top shotgun shooters say that proper stock fit should be your first priority when it comes to gun improvements.

Adjustable Shotgun Combs

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One single fact demonstrates our commitment to quality — since 1980 when Artifacts Arms was founded —  we have been constantly improving our product line. For more than 35 years, we have made thousands of these products. We would put them up against any other such product on the market.

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