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Frequently Asked Questions About Shotgun Products in Brandon, VT

Q: How much does it cost?
A: $300.00 plus shipping, with additional insurance if desired. (Personal or Business check accepted)

Q: What make and model shotguns can Artifacts Arms adjustable combs be fitted to?
A: Just about any OU model in a 12 gauge that has a full-size stock, as well as, many semi-autos and pumps.

Q: What is done to protect the finish in the cut out on the comb?
A: We completely seal and refinish the wood in the cut-out areas. This involves applying between 3 and 5 coats of finish. Each coat can take approximately 24 hours to dry.

Q: What is the turn-around time from when Artifacts-Arms receives your gun stock at our facility?
A: With 3 coats of finish, we can have your stock on its way back to you in 7 business days. With 5 coats of finish, turn-around time would be 10 business days.

Q: How much adjustability is built into each comb assembly?
• Upward movement can be adjusted 1/2" high and anywhere in-between.
• Downward adjustment below the standard height of the comb before it was cut, is 1/8” lower.
• Side to side adjustment (cast on or cast off) 1/4” in either direction left or right from the center position.
• The comb can be canted/angled left or right.
• The comb can be tilted forward or backward 7 degrees.

Q: How do I set the height adjustment of the comb?
A: Remove the comb where you will see three #15 Torx Plus screws that are revealed in the top of the center comb post. The center screw is an elevation adjustment screw. Turning this screw counterclockwise raises the comb. Turning it clockwise lowers the comb. The height can be set up or down by turning this center height adjustment screw.

Q: How do I set the cast-off or cast on adjustment?
A: Remove the comb and loosen the two outside #15 Torx Plus screws. There are graduation adjustment lines that can be used to accurately set the amount of left or right adjustment desired. When finished, (very important), use care not to overtighten the screws.

Q: How do I set the desired comb tilt/height that I would like?
A. After setting the comb height, cast off or cast on, install the comb over the center comb post and lightly tighten one side or the other, then adjust the amount of tilt required.  There are a series of small staggered dots on either side of the center comb post that can be used as reference points to help you reposition your comb to the exact spot that you previously had it set on. After you have set your comb to the desired position, tighten the remaining screws.  As mentioned above, there is no need to over-tighten any of the screws. After snugging these screws 1/8 turn more of tightening is all that is required.

Important Note: Do not attempt to remove the two #15 Torx Plus comb screws. Doing so will cause them to back out and do damage to the wood. They are designed to never be removed.

Q: What is the warranty on an Artifacts-Arms fully adjustable comb?
A: Lifetime for the original purchaser against materials and workmanship.