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Adjustable Combs in Brandon, VT

Contact Artifacts Arms today and order one of our superior, streamlined shotgun combs. Simple to adjust, these one-of-a-kind shotgun combs are made using the pre-existing wood on your stock. Send in your stock to us and we can complete the conversion in as little as 10 business days. Unlike others, we refinish both surfaces to protect the wood properly and not just use a sealer.

Adjustable Shotgun Combs

Our fully adjustable shotgun combs have a height adjustment screw that doesn't require the use of any comb spacers.

Our comb also has left and right adjustment for cast-on (left-hand shooter) as well as, cast-off for (right-hand shooters) and the color choices that are (pictured on the right, come in) Gold, traditional Black, and our newest offering is what is called a Blue/Grey. The protective coating is a very durable anodizing that will last the life of the product. The comb hardware is laser etched with our company logo and is serial numbered.

Easy Adjustments

We provide one #15 Torx Plus Allen Flag Key used for the height adjustment set screw, as well as, to adjust the cast-on and cast-off, one Key Wrench for all adjustments. Repeated adjusting will not cause any scratching or marring on any of the hardware nor will anything loosen up.

Comb 1

Comb 2


$300.00 plus shipping, with additional insurance if desired. (Personal or Business check accepted)

Colored Combs

Artifacts-Arms Adjustable Comb
Adjustment Instructions

1st - Make Comb Height Adjustment:

  • Loosen the two set screws with the supplied #15 Torx Plus Allen Flag Key wrench (only turn the Allen Key counterclockwise approximately 1 revolution).
  • The two set screws should never be removed and only loosened enough to slide the top comb off from the center comb post.  Trying to remove the screws will cause irreparable damage to the comb.
  • To raise comb, turn the center comb post screw counterclockwise.
  • Reinstall the comb over the center comb post and tighten the two outside set screws.
  • Shoulder the gun to determine if the comb needs to go up or down to attain the desired sight picture.
  • Repeat the process until you achieve the desired sight picture.

2nd - Make Comb Cast on/Cast off Adjustments:

  • Loosen the two set screws that hold the comb in place.
  • Remove the comb.
  • Loosen the two outside screws on top of the center comb posts and make the necessary left to right adjustment and tighten the two outside screws.  (Not the middle comb height adjustment screw).
  • Reinstall the comb and snug down the two screws of the top comb piece.
  • Shoulder the gun to determine left or right adjustment.
  • Repeat the process until you achieve the desired left/right bead alignment.

3rd - Make Comb Tilt Adjustment:

  • Loosen one or the other of the upper comb adjustment screws on the side that you would like to move up or down.
  • There is a space between the top comb and the buttstock below.  There are 16 graduation dots, 8 on either side.  These dots are used to adjust the top comb angle that you desire.  Similarly, there are graduation lines on the bottom comb base that can be used to measure left and right adjustment.
  • When finished setting the top comb tilt &/or height adjustment, remember the number of dots showing on either side for future reference (some find it easier to take a picture with their cell phone) to accomplish this task.
  • It is recommended that from time to time, or just before shooting, to take your #15 Torx Plus Allen Flag Key Wrench and check to be sure the two top comb screws are snug.
  • You are now ready to begin shooting.